Uncertain Black Stone - 2016

Object and Sculpture


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Uncertain Black Stone (2016)
29 x 21 x 16 cm
3 versions + 1AP

Uncertain Black Stone has an egg-shaped, biomorphic body. While the most of its irregular black-tinted surface seems to be absorbing the light, a part of it looks differently. An incurved cavity – supposedly a point of shock or a trace of hundreds of hands that shaped and polishedit during an unknown ritual vividly plays with the light. The Uncertain Black Stone definitely has extraterrestrial origins. Either a part of a meteorite, fallen on Earth, or a holy envoy, it respires with mystery. Does it contain a new form of life?Or has it given birth to the human civilization? In all cases, the stone born in vacuum and charged with the cosmic energy – merits its sacred status, while everyone who touches it will be endowed with blessing.
Sasha Pevak