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Tawb, Mausoleum Fragment
semolina, various materials
240 x 600 x 2 cm

version 1
Production Institut des Cultures d’Islam
version 2
Production le Botanique and Soubry
Photo : Hugard & Vanoverschelde (1), Mehdi-Georges Lahlou (2-3)

This masterful piece is entirely made in durum wheat.

Borrowing its motif from «zellige», the coloured earthenware typical of Berber and Arabic-Andalusian architecture, Tawb, Mausoleum Fragment is presented in the manner of an archaic fragment exhibited in an archaeological museum ‘as found’. The work returns to the artist’s questioning of the concepts of heritage, origins and belonging. It considers the need to preserve the remnants of history, but also the legitimacy of removing or plundering them, and of their possible restitution.

Are monuments constitutive of a culture? Who do they belong to? Why preserve them? These huge questions are echoed by the ‘cartography’ of the work, evoking moving borders and migratory flows, and by the erosion of its material which inevitably condemns it to disappear.

Marie Papazoglou