Les talons d'Abraham - 2016

Object and Sculpture


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Les talons d’Abraham
marble, wood, cinnamon, various materials
320 x 180 x 180 cm
1 version + 1 AP

Avec la collaboration de:
S.A Marcon, Sathonay
Production: Ronan Grossiat
Photo: Blaise Adilon

This monumental installation refers directly reference to the «Station of Abraham», a sacred stone in Islam bearing the supposed footsteps of the prophet. Lahlou’s work consists of a palm tree and a structure in wood and marble containing, at its heart, footprints in cinnamon. At closer quarters, the prints are clearly those of a pair of high heels. This apparently feminine and slightly irreverent touch introduces a new slippage.

Mehdi-Georges Lahlou is not only entangling codes and genders, he is spreading yet more confusion. This is because he is not necessarily seeking to question just the figure of Abraham, a biblical personage common to all three monotheistic religions, but the relic itself. Mehdi-Georges Lahlou emphasises here the incongruous status of this object and, in particular, of the necessity for Man to revere them.

Marie Papazoglou