Conference of the Palm Trees - 2023

Object and Sculpture, Photograph


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Conference of the Palm Trees  (2023)
print on Rhodoïd
each 150 x 150 cm
3 versions
© Valerie Servant

In « Conference of the Palm Trees » by Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, a detailed and introspective exploration is unveiled through a series of nine palm tree microscopies. These specimens, all from the south of France and succumbed to various causes including devastation by weevils, are the heart of this installation. Each microscopy is meticulously created in a laboratory and displayed on huge rhodoïd sheets.
As visitors walk through this installation, they are invited on a unique journey through the history and memory of these deceased palm trees. The artist skillfully connects the tragic fate of these trees to the broader phenomenon of climate change, thus highlighting the delicate link between nature and human interventions.
Mehdi-Georges Lahlou enriches his work with various layers of meaning. Beyond the simple representation of palm trees, he evokes themes such as lost paradise, nostalgia of postcards, DNA studies, displacements, climatic risks, genealogy, and travel. These words, emerging during the creation of this work, form a rich conceptual tapestry, mixing science, history, and poetry.
« Conference of the Palm Trees » is more than an installation; it’s a visual and conceptual meditation on the fragility of nature, the impact of humans on their environment, and the art’s ability to capture and communicate these complex realities.