Herbier - 2023

Object and Sculpture, Performance and Theater, Video and sound


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video installation 7 screens, color, sound
7’00’’ loop each
Edition of 3 + 2 AP
Support by Fondation Fiminco

The actress Ghita Serraj embodies seven exotic plants : banana tree, oryza (rice), Ceylon cinnamon tree, oil palm tree, corn, sugar cane, cocoa tree. The florae were selected for their medicinal properties and geographical origins based on Samir Boumediene’s book : La colonisation du savoir. Une histoire des plantes médicinales du “Nouveau Monde” (1492-1750)*. Through this herbarium, the artist tackles various questions such as climate change, displacement, and deforestation. The metaphor of the exotic plant reveals the eroticization and exoticization of the body of the woman of color.