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Sans-titre, avec balcon
Untitled, with balcony
wood, screen print on white veils, metal, paint
variable size (circa 200 x 100 x 95 cm)
edition of 3 + 1 AP

MEHDI-GEORGES LAHLOU’s work, ‘Sans-titre, avec balcon’ (Untitled, with balcony – 2020) an installation comprising a balcony and screen-printed veils or headscarves hanging loosely from attachable laundry racks. The image is that of the Madonna overlaid and partially obscured by Islamic interlace patterns. The balcony is an architectural infrastructure, but its apparent use is also a class indicator. An empty balcony or one sparsely furnished signals a different class status than one used as outside storage for everything that does not fit inside the home. In ‘Sans-titre, avec balcon’ the balcony is also the infrastructure for a political question: To what class does the owner of this intertwined ideological image belong?

Text by Natasha Marie Llorens