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Group shows

Musée des Beaux-Art
Le Frac révèle ses dernières acquisitions

Rouen, France
February 17 – May 13, 2018

The Jacques & Miny Defauwes Collection
Maastricht, Netherlands
October 13, 2017 – May 27, 2018

Fashion and Lace Museum
Brussels, Belgium
October 21, 2017 – April 15, 2018

Musée des confluences – Dar El Bacha
Lieux saints partagés
Marrakesh, Morocco
December 12, 2017 – March 19, 2018



Group show

Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna
I is an Other/Be the Other
Rome, Italy
March 19 – June 24, 2018
Curated by Simon Njami

Dak’art 2018
L’Heure rouge
Biennale de Dakar, Senegal
May 3 – June 2, 2018
Curated by Simon Njami


Art Brussels 2018
With Transit Gallery
Brussels (Belgium)
April 19 – 22, 2018

Art Paris Art Fair 2018
With Galerie Rabouan Moussion
Paris (France)
April 5 – 8, 2018


The Ring of the Dove
Ongoing creation
November 2018

About the artist
Mehdi-Georges Lahlou is the enfant terrible of an art that does not exist. Or not yet, since he is in the process of inventing it. How to be an artist of the interstice today, when navigating between north and south, between cultures, between several media, between multiple intertwined notions? "Do not see the problem through the wrong end of the telescope", is what he seems to (omit to) tell us...

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